X500 laptop ground stud showing exploded assembly including stud, flat washer, split washer and wing nut X500 laptop assembled and mounted ground stud showing stud, flat washer, split washer and wing nut
Getac X500 Laptop Ground Stud Main Image
X500 triple high laptop with rear 38999 MILBOX and aluminum olive drab receptacles with caps installed and IO conversion

Getac X500 Laptop Ground Stud


When a positive ground is required with a mounted X500 Laptop, the X500 Laptop ground stud allows an external ground cable to be positively attached to the X500 Laptop chassis. The resistance between the ground stud and X500 Laptop chassis is less than 50 milliohms.

Technical Specifications

  • A-1 Environmental Certifications Overview
  • A-2 X500 Environmental Specifications
  • A-3 Tracked Vehicles, Propeller and Rotary Winged Aircraft Specifications (MIL-STD-810G)
  • A-3 Wheeled and Composite Vehicle Test Specifications (MIL-STD-810G)
  • A-4 Electromagnetic Certifications (MIL-STD-461F)
  • A-6 Aluminum Specifications